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Passover is Right Around the Corner and I am not Ready!

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Oh my, where does the time go!  All is so busy with Boston Bakes and that is a good thing but shopping for basics and necessities has taken a back burner. I know I have problems when I have nothing to eat in the house and am on my last roll of paper towels! Somehow I get by!

Now Passover is almost here and I am trying to figure out how to make 2 holiday dinners, the seders, clean my house in preparation for the holiday both cleaning and relocating the breads, grains and everything else we can’t have around and figure out how I am going to find the time to cook!

Oh the pressure is on!  When you come to my house I make everything from scratch from soup to nuts.  But this year, it is not possible and for the first time in my life I am asking people to bring things and figuring out what I can make without putting too much more on me.

I like making everything and everything from scratch.  I know the quantities I need to make and have a system.  It is a big adjustment for me not to have the control over the whole meal but this year, I have no choice.

So this weekend I will take out the Passover recipes and figure out what is in this year and what is out!  I will go to the supermarket over the weekend buy everything I need for Passover.  I will clean my house and start cooking!

If you have any quick and good recipes for Passover, please share them with me because I can use the help this year!

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