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imagesThe third Monday of February we celebrate President’s Day.  Usually for us living in the Northeast it is also the start of February school vacation! A time to escape on vacation or a time to find activities for our children to do!  This might be something fun to share with your children!

President’s Day was started in honor of our first President George Washington. It is also a holiday that celebrates President Lincoln as well because both Presidents were born in February.  The holiday has evolved to now celebrate all past Presidents of the United States.

Since we are all about desserts, I started to wonder what desserts did and do the President’s like! A quick Google search and I came to this site.  I found my answer to what desserts the Presidents like.  The blog I found said please share so share with you I will!

I came across Easy Dessert Recipe Blog which lists all the favorite desserts along with recipes!  So now you too can know what sweets the Presidents enjoyed.

Let me share with gratitude to the Easy Dessert Recipe Blog some of the favorite desserts of Presidents Washington and Lincoln!

George Washington

Martha Washington’s Great Cake: One of Martha Washington’s favourite recipes.

Martha Washington’s Candy

Martha Washington’s Cookies

Martha Washington’s Devil’s Food: An excellent choice for February parties or for any occasion where a deluxe cake is desired.

Martha Washington’s Fruit Cake Recipe

Martha Washington’s Pie

President Washington’s Cherry Pie Recipe

President Washington’s Cranberry Pudding: A Wisconsin favorite eaten during George Washington’s time.

Shrewsbury Cakes: A favourite of George Washington.

And President Lincoln:

Abraham Lincoln’s

Gooseberry cobbler: Elderberries, gooseberries–all the old-time berries and fruits found favor with President Lincoln.

Mary Todd Lincoln’s White Almond Cake: ‘Best I ever ate,’ is what Abraham Lincoln had to say about this velvet crumbed white cake made with finely grated blanched almonds.

President Lincoln’s Lemon Custard Pie:  A taste of the pie that Lincoln loved, from “Lincoln’s Table: Victorian Recipes From Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois to the White House,” by Donna D. McCreary.

If you want to do something more than watching all the commercials for President’s Day holiday sales, shopping for everything that is on sale in honor of President’s Day, bake a dessert fit for a President! It is lesson in dessert history something you and your children are sure to enjoy!


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