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Simply New England Simply Delicious

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When a friend told me he was writing a cookbook with Chef Daniel Bruce I was excited.  I did not know what to expect from this cookbook.  My friend just told me that Chef Bruce has a very interesting story to share in addition to his wonderful recipes.

It is true and something that you would not expect to read from one of the country’s leading chefs!  From his humble beginnings in New Hampshire, his travels, how he met his wife and ended up coming back to Boston are well worth the read! You can learn much more through the stories shared throughout the book and the accompanying pictures.

I am not going to give it away the stories of Chef Bruce here in this blog.  It would not be fair.  From his book, I got an understanding of the value of fresh food, simply prepared for wonderful results that I can do in my kitchen!

Here is what I liked about Simply New England written by Daniel Bruce with Mat Schaffer:

There is no better cookbook to get this time of year than this cookbook!  The cookbook is warm and comfy like old friend. The recipes are comfort recipes that any home cook would love to add to their repertoire especially as winter approaches.  I expected the book to have complicated fancy recipes but it was quite the contrary.  These recipes are from the home and the heart. Once you make one, you want to make more and more!  It is a cookbook you will go to time and time again.

Starting the book with his kitchen essentials is helpful not only for the recipes in his book but for other recipes you will make. His simple chicken stock is much simpler than the chicken soup I make.  I can easily see myself making it and keeping it in the freezer as opposed to using canned or boxed broth.

I have only just begun to make some of the recipes. Next week I will share Chef’s New England Patriots Chili which is good any day not just on game days! In the meantime, with the holidays coming up, this cookbook would make a wonderful gift!

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