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My first full day in Livorno,Italy, my friend came back to his apartment to make lunch for us, It was on this day that bringing out the wine for both lunch and dinner, having wonderful conversations was a part of  my brief but everyday Italian life!

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After the first lunch I thought for sure I would need a siesta every afternoon but it is amazing how quickly I got adjusted to having wine with every meal!  I have always loved Italian wine and in Italy the wine does taste better!

Being in Tuscany, I would expect nothing less than wonderful wine!  Where did this wonderful wine come from?  In the Mercato Centrale di Livorno was a shop LA CANTINA FRASCATI or in English THE CELLAR FRASCATI  thatI would come to frequent quite often. It was at this little shop that sold the wine I came to enjoy!  It was one stop shopping, I would get the ham, cheese, bread and wine at one place! It does not get any better than that!

The wine that I enjoyed so much came in glass green bottles that would come from La Cantina Frascati.  Big metal vats stored this wonderful wine fromCrespina, both red and white were available.  There were at least six vats of different varieties of Italian wines.  They would fill the green glass bottles with your wine, put a cap on it and off your went for under three euros a bottle.  When the bottles were empty, you returned the bottles and if you were like me getting more wine to enjoy for later on was a part of returning the empty bottles!


Being back home, I miss my visits to La Cantina Frascati, the glasses of wine, the wonderful food and conversations that went along with it.


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